Datafliq helps you create your surveys seamlessly and get insights on the go

You do not need to be physically visit your customers to get their views, opinions or feedbacks about your services or products.

The good part is you are able to gather enough data to grow your business or to make some vital decisions.

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Easily create your survey questions with a modern, easy-to-use GUI!

  • Build questions once, and edit your previously built survey questions to publish a new one.

  • We know surveys can be boring for most people that is why we advice you to create a maximum of 5 relevant questions in a survey. Just to help you ask the very relevant questions. However, you can create more than 5 questions.

  • If you have a brand color, you can customize the view of your survey to accomodate your brand color.


Preview your created questions!

  • See the beautiful way the question appear to your responders.

  • We Kept the view simple, clean and engaging.


Share your survey

  • You can share link to audience or customers. You cam also customize your created survey by embedding it in your personal website. The instruction to embed is righ in the embed tab in your dashboard.

  • We Kept the view simple, clean and engaging.


Get your responses Analysed and gain insights!

  • One of the very aim of carrying out surveys is to seek insights.

  • Our system helps you gather your insights and analyze them on the go. Print your reports afterwards and export them to a worksheet.

How Datafliq works for you?

Do you need to carry out any survey or gather data to gain insights? Datafliq gives you the ability to have a customized interface to ask your questions and aggregate your responses in well curated data-oriented presentation.

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Build your survey questions

Using our simple builder, build or create your questions. You can create up to five questions per survey to reduce the possibility of responders getting tired.

However you can create as many surveys as possible.

Preview and publish

When you are satisfied with the view of your questions, hit the publish button to start getting response!


Your responses are presented to you in easily navigable format and also helps you analyse your responses so you can make quick decisions. Graphs or Charts are drawn to help you understand your responses even more. For number questions, further basic analysis are done for you. Export report to Excel or PDF


Built for growth

It is helpful for you as an individual to gather data and make sense of it without stress.

Large-scale, medium-scale or small-scale business can use this to seek insights from customers to be able to make informed decisions. One of the benefits if you are using this as a business is that it helps you save your clients on the platform and allows you to send the feedback to their emails on the go.

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Get more statistical calculations

Questions that require answers in number formats are further analysed for you

You get the mean or average response value, the deviation from the mean and the correlation coefficient value calculated for you.

This invariable means you can compare one question with number response(s) with another to be able to determine variation between them with correlation coefficient value.

Create specialized rating link to measure perception.

cummulative rating

Create a unique rating link for your business

You can create a link which you share with your customers to continuously rate your product or service.

This in turn gives a cummulative of your rating over time. This way you able to see how your are fairing real time.

This faeture can be used for any other usecase where you want people to give ratings and in your dashboard, you see your average rating as long as people keep rating. You can however reset your current rating to 0, re-share the link and monitor the new rating all over again


This app is free for all with features which allow you create questions and receive your feedback with few analytic summary, however to get access to more features check pricing for options.

Creating questions is easy once you sign up into your dashboard, it is easy to create your questions. we also have templates in different categories that you can edit to your taste to get strated quickly, view templates

Are you an individual looking to seek people's input on a subject matter? Do you just want to get professional feedback from an audience? or are you a business (large or small scale) and you need to get feedback from your customers or carry out a market survey, then this product is absolutely for you.

There is an analyse tab in your dashboard, you can export your data to excel worksheet for further analysis. You can also print the charts drawn for you based on all individual responses. You also get to see each responder's chunk of responses

Other Perks of Datafliq

What distinguishes Datafliq from other solutions

Customizable and can be easily embedded

You can embeded your created survey in your own website and the survey loads write in the domain you have implemented it. It is easy and simple, the instructions to copy are on each page on the surveys you create on your dashboard

You can create a list of contacts you always send survey out to

Datafliq helps you create contact list of emails that regularly received your feedback surveys and you can send surveys to them instantly and easily.

Start Gathering data or feedbacks for your business today

We get your responses are presented back to you in simple analysis to help you make sense of your data.

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Get Adequate result for your Data

Join the array of happy people analyzing with Datafliq. It is easy, fast and efficient.


Simple, Straight Pricing

Get much amazing features in your free account, and do much more with the enterprise account.


  • For Individuals

  • Create surveys for free

  • Storage 15GB

  • 1 User

  • Get your analysis in simplified tables

  • Response link available for only two weeks.
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  • For businesses

  • Create surveys to seek insights

  • Storage 25GB

  • Get your analysis in barcharts, pie charts and simplified tables

  • 5 users: Collaborate with your co-workers or friends to create surveys

  • Get your analysis Mean, Standard deviation and for relevant use case

  • Anyone with admin right has the ability to review before publish

  • Response link always available if you don't stop receiving response yourself

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